Ringerike & Hadelands gems - A cultural experience

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2 nights/3 days. Road trip with accommodation, dinner and tickets to the Kistefos Museum

Enjoy a good stay at two of Norway's oldest guest houses, combined with a visit to Kistefos - a cultural destination with a twist!


Explore an exciting area that offers, among other things, world-renowned art and architecture at Kistefos, glassblowers in action at Hadeland Glassverk, sculptures and paintings at Galleri Sundvollen, golf at Storøya and great hiking or cycling tours. Or immerse yourself in history with a visit to Sisterkirkene (the Sisters Churches) and Halvdanshaugen, one of Halvdan Svarte's (Halfdan the Black) four burial sites.


Included in the package are:

  • 1 night at Sundvolden Hotel
  • 1 night at Granavolden Gjæstgiveri
  • 2 breakfasts
  • Dinner each night. Drinks are not included
  • Entrance ticket to Kistefos and The Twist

Day 1

Your journey starts at the historic Granavolden Hotel & Gjestgiveri. There has been a guest house at Granavolden since 1657. The place was a hub in ancient times. The churches were located here. There was a local court, a posting station and, not least, a guest house providing overnight accommodation. Today, Granavolden is a modern guest house. You are welcomed by proud and dedicated hosts, who are happy to tell you what you should experience in the area and to share more of the exciting history. The food served is based on good, pure, local produce – and in the evening you will be served a 3-course dinner in the hotel’s restaurant.

Sleep well in comfortable beds and wake up to a breakfast with freshly baked bread from a local baker. Also try the guest house's own specially made Granavolden sausage, which is only served to staying guests.

Day 2

After breakfast, we recommend a historical walk in the area around Granavolden, where both the Sisters' Churches and the Prestegård garden are worth a visit. We also recommend a visit to Hadeland Glassverk (Glassworks) – a cultural heritage from 1762, which still focuses on continuous development and new design. The glass factory is located approximately halfway between Granavolden and Sundvolden.


Next stop is Kistefos - a cultural destination. Kistefos is one of Europe's most interesting destinations for contemporary art. Built on the grounds of a historical pulp mill, Kistefos today offers world-class architecture, an Industrial Museum, two art galleries, and an impressive sculpture park with 51 sculptures in scenic surroundings. The new art gallery The Twist, is a gallery, a bridge and a sculpture all in one, and has won several awards for its cutting edge design. In 2020, Kistefos was named a “must-see cultural destination” by the New York Times.

And if you love cheese, you should stop by the shop at Thorbjørnrud Hotel, which sells tasty and award-winning products from the neighbouring farm Øvre Kjekshus Gård and Thorbjørnrud Ysteri.

Your journey continues, and at the entrance to the fabled Krokskogen lies one of Norway's most traditional and oldest hotels – Sundvolden Hotel. For close to a thousand years, kings, nobles, business travelers and, more recently, modern businesswomen and men have made pilgrimages here. As a guest at Sundvolden, you are the number one priority, and the staff will do everything they can to make your stay a memorable one. The hotel can offer experiences such as spa, swimming, bicycles and kayaking, and if you are interested in art, the hotel itself is a gallery - with several great works of art by renowned artists. 


Sundvolden has been mentioned as a place to eat since 1648. The staff consists of 16 skilled chefs, who together develop new flavors and combinations every day. Many of the indredients come from the local farmers and are seasoned with herbs from our own garden. In the evening you will enjoy a 4 course dinner in the restaurant. The food is prepared with love for the raw materials, good patience and always from scratch.


The next morning, after a hearty breakfast, you can go for a nice walk, or relax in the hotel's pleasant outdoor areas. Feel free to stay longer and play a round of golf at Tyrifjord Golf Club - which has been named Norway's third largest course – located only 5 minutes from the hotel. Otherwise, let yourself be inspired by various experiences here.


From here the road trip continues on your own. Perhaps you want to visit some of our other hotels in the Oslo area