Norwegian Scenic Route Sognefjellet

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2 nights/3 days. Get close to the Norwegian nature!

Sognefjellet is one of the oldest and most beautiful of Norwegian Scienic Routes, offering a panorama of some of Norway’s highest mountains – Jotunheimen, Breheimen and Hurrungane, to name a few. See a promo from Sognefjellet here.


Included in this package:

  • 1 night at Røisheim Hotell
  • 1 night at Walaker Hotell
  • 2 buffet breakfasts.
  • Two 4-course set menus (drinks not included).
  • A traditional Norwegian "nistepakke" (lunch bag) at Røisheim Hotell

Day 1: Røisheim Hotel


Our short break starts at Røisheim Hotell in Lom. This charming hotel has been providing “travelling folk” with a place to rest and good food for several hundred years. The establishment was designated as a posting station in 1858, and much of the atmosphere of that time is preserved in a charming courtyard of old buildings. The oldest buildings, now converted into hotel rooms, are more than 400 years old. The place has a long tradition of taking care of adventurous tourists - whether they want to climb the peaks of Jotunheimen, or seek the atmosphere and renowned kitchen of the old, protected coaching house. It is not difficult to understand why famous artists like Grieg, Ibsen, Thaulow, and Munthe fell in love with this place as early as a hundred years ago.


You yourself get to experience this renowned kitchen at 7.30 pm, when the hotel invites you in to the pleasant dining rooms for a 4-course dinner inspired by local ingredients and traditions. 


Jotunheimen National Park was established in 1980 and is the most mountainous landscape in Norway. Are you ready for hiking in lush valleys, exploring the variety of glaciers and several large lakes? The whole area is an eldorado for nature and outdoor lovers with countless opportunities for activities and exciting challenges! Find your favourite activity in Lom and Jotunheimen here.


Day 2: Walaker Hotell

The next day, the drive continues over Sognefjellet and down to Sognefjorden, a unique gem. The national tourist route from the cultural landscape in Lom over Norway’s highest mountain pass to the innermost part of Sognefjorden provides an unforgettable experience. The road gradually ascends through the valley, reaching its peak at 1434 meters above sea level, becoming Northern Europe’s highest mountain pass. On the way down towards Sognefjorden, the mountain wilderness reveals itself in all its splendor, and the road follows the beautiful fjord along Gaupne.


The hotels you can experience in Sognefjorden is;


Walaker Hotel

Walaker Hotell is a nostalgic and comfortable hotel. A stay here is something you'll never forget. The hotel, which has been inherited from generation to generation, is a charming family hotel and an attraction in itself, located in the middle of the world`s best tourist destination, according to National Geographic. The hotel has been owned by the same family since 1690 and is the oldest family-run hotel in Norway, with more than 370 years of history. The atmosphere of the garden is an important part of the evocative environment of Walaker Hotel. White bryony climbs the walls and in the garden stand lilacs and fruit trees in full blossom. Surrounded by mighty mountains and with a view over the fabled Sognefjord, this is a place to really find peace.


An excellent set 4-course dinner is served at 19.30. Standards of both food and wine are high, and when evening turns to night, nobody needs to go to bed hungry. After a good night's sleep and a traditional breakfast the next day, we recommend further exploring the area before ending your journey.

Skjolden Hotel

Breathe in the fresh crispy air in the morning and start your adventurous day with a refreshing bath in the fjord. The beautiful garden stretches all the way down to the edge of the fjord.

It all started as a guest house in 1908 for farmers who had travelled over the mountain to sell their goods to the ships arriving in Skjolden. Today the small cosy hotel with the unique location and magnificent view has 41 guestrooms, large terraces, a lovely garden with herbs, berries, plum and apple trees, a micro brewery, bar and restaurant.

Choose between rooms with fjord- or mountain view. Take time to indulge the impressive landscape and silence, just like the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Norwegian painters and writers Johannes Flintoe, J.C Dahl, Adolp Tiedemand and Hans Gude, Gerhard and Margrete Munthe did

Make sure to enjoy a meal at the hotel's restaurant. The hotel harvest local produce from their own garden and are delighted to get deliveries from local farmes in the village and nearby villages.

All guests staying at Skjolden Hotel have access to the indoor swimming pool with sauna, free wifi, free parking and possibility for electric car charging.


Day 3: On to new adventures

The oldest stave church in the world was built in 1130. It sits majestically above the little hamlet of Urnes, right across the fjord from Solvorn. You can take the little car ferry from Solvorn, just below Walaker Hotel. Urnes stave church has been on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1979. The western part of Norway is also famous for its magnificent hikes and great views. Why not try one of them? See more activites here.