A journey through majestic fjords

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2 nights/3 days. Experience two of Norway's most famous fjords in this package that takes you from the fruits of Sognefjorden to the world heritage site of Geirangerfjorden

Escape to Norway's fjord paradise with our Fjord Gems Experience! Discover the historic charm of Kviknes Hotel and the stunning vistas of Hotel Union Geiranger. Unforgettable moments await amidst towering cliffs and serene waters. This is how you experience fjords.


This package includes

  • Accommodation with breakfast at historic Kviknes Hotel
  • One way fjord cruise on Geirangerfjorden with car and up to 5 people included
  • Accommodation with breakfast at historic Hotel Union Geiranger
  • Dinner each night

Day 1: Arrival Balestrand and check-in at Kviknes Hotel


The road trip starts in beautiful Balestrand, idyllically located in the heart of the Sognefjord. Here you check in at the majestic Kviknes Hotel.


The Kvikne family has been hosting since the hotel was built in Swiss style in 1877, and despite both renovations and expansions, the hotel by the fjord has managed to retain its unique character. Kviknes Hotel is today a modern hotel with soul and atmosphere, and both works of art and treasures collected over generations help to give the hotel its special style.


In Balestrand you can visit the Norwegian Museum of Tourism, which opened in 2016, and walk over to Ciderhuset, where in the summer you can join a cider tasting and shop in the farm shop. Ciderhuset has its own shop with approx. 20 different types of Balholm cider and fruit juice.


Balestrand also has a good, varied and well-marked hiking trail network where most people will find a suitable alternative. Some of the trails are information trails where you can read about the nature and the animals that live in the area. The trails are also well organized with viewpoints, benches and campfire sites. Many are accessible from the center of Balestrand.


And after the trip? Then rest in quiet surroundings on the terrace or in one of the hotel's lounges. In the evening, enjoy a good dinner in the magnificent dining room. You will surely also find something good in the glass, as the hotel's wine list is the most richest and largest in Sognefjorden.


Day 2: From Sognefjorden to Geirangerfjorden


Start your day with a good breakfast at Kviknes Hotel. Did you know that all of our hotels are annually checked on over 550 points in our quality standard? Among these there are 130 points just regarding the breakfast, so it's easy to start the day right at our hotels.


After breakfast you are ready to get in the car and drive towards Geirangerfjorden. The total drive takes about 6 hours and takes you from fjord to fjord through spectacular nature and famous sights along the way. If you travel between May and November we highly recommend you to drive the National Scenic Route Gaularfjellet starting from right outside the door at Kviknes Hotel. You can see the available route at any time on Google Maps.


Once you arrive at Hellesylt you drive onboard the ferry operated by renowned The Fjords. This ferry takes both you and your car on a spectacular fjord cruise from Hellesylt to Geiranger in one hour, passing by mountains, famous waterfalls and old hillside farms. We have included one car and five persons per booking. If you need to book an extra car, or more people, you can book these directly here.

Once you arrive Geiranger the road takes a natural route up the hill to the grand Hotel Union Geiranger.


Built in 1891, Hotel Union Geiranger has since been expanded with a modern conference area, swimming pool, new top floor with 13 suites, vintage car exhibition, nightclub, spa area, and constantly evolving offerings both inside and outside. The strong Union atmosphere, characterized by quality and service across generations, is still cherished and carried on by today's hosts. Geiranger – a gem on the World Heritage List.


The unique natural surroundings of the Geirangerfjord were created through a series of ice ages when glaciers carved deep fjords between the high mountains. This natural beauty has consistently placed the area on lists of the most spectacular places in the world. Impressive waterfalls, such as the famous Seven Sisters, the Suitor, and the Bridal Veil, cascade into the fjord, enveloped in a delicate mist.


After checking in at Hotel Union Geiranger, take a stroll through the small center consisting of boathouses and old wooden houses. Visit the various small shops and taste Geiranger's own chocolate or other local products.


Final day: New adventures await


After breakfast on your last day you are in the middle of several of natural wonders. Travel north to the urban city of Ålesund, home to historic Brosundet, or head east towards the hinterland with it's culinary delights. What are you waiting for? Norway awaits!


Feel free to add more nights at Hotel Union Geiranger. All nights booked after the second night adds to the stay at Hotel Union Geiranger.


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