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3 nights/4 days. Experience The Discovery Route - a historic route (RV13) through Fjord Norway!

Established in the 1880s when travellers came by horse and carriage, to experience this spectacular landscape of mountains, glaciers, crystal clear rivers, roaring waterfalls and pristine fjords. Today this natural backdrop creates a unique diversity of outdoor activities and adventures. Whilst traveling the Discovery Route you will find iconic hiking trips, famous waterfalls and some of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway; Preikestolen & Trolltunga. Along the way, historical hotels will be your home.


Included in this package:

  • 1 night accommodation at Kronen Gaard Hotell or GamlaVærket incl. dinner and breakfast
  • 1 night accommodation at Energihotellet incl. dinner and breakfast
  • 1 night accommodation at Fleischer's Hotel incl. dinner and breakfast

Day 1: Historic Sandnes

This unique experience starts in Sandnes, a small and quiet city a short distance south of Stavanger. Nestled between picturesque fjords and rolling hills, Sandnes is a haven of tranquility that effortlessly blends modern innovation with a deep appreciation for its rich history. Wander through charming cobblestone streets lined with vibrant boutiques, cozy cafes, and local art galleries, where the sense of community is as palpable as the stunning landscapes that surround it. Whether you're strolling along the serene beaches, exploring the captivating museums, or embarking on outdoor adventures in the nearby wilderness, Sandnes invites you to savor life's simple pleasures in an enchanting Norwegian setting. Discover the heartwarming embrace of a close-knit community and the captivating beauty of nature, all within the embrace of this hidden gem known as Sandnes.

Your first night’s stay will be at Kronen Gaard Hotell or GamlaVærket - both charming small hotels,

where you’ll be welcomed by the dedicated team ready to make your stay unforgettable whether you want to experience the urban life of Sandnes or relax just outside of the city center. Kronen Gaard Hotell offers a retreat into refined elegance, with elegantly appointed rooms and a tranquil atmosphere that lets you unwind in style. If you choose GamlaVærket, you'll step into a living piece of history, as the hotel is seamlessly integrated into the charming cobblestone streets of Sandnes' old town. Whichever you choose, your stay promises a blend of comfort and character.

Both hotels are known for their fine cuisine, which you will experience when a tasteful dinner is served in the evening. Each bite tells a story of locally sourced ingredients and culinary expertise, offering a delectable journey through Norwegian flavors. Savor the symphony of tastes that highlight the region's bountiful harvest, prepared with a modern twist that reflects the innovative spirit of Sandnes.

Day 2: From Sandnes to Suldal

Enjoy a good breakfast and take some time to explore the area before you continue your journey.

There are a number of activities to enjoy en route to Suldal:

Outdoorlife Norway offers guided hikes to Preikestolen, the Pulpit Rock, and the Kjerag area, while Fjord Events provides fun RIB experiences. Another option is to drive directly to Mo Laksegard in Sand, located on the world-famous salmon-fishing river, Sulldalslågen. Have a go at salmon fishing or join a salmon safari. It’s also the perfect place for lunch. The drive from Sandnes to Sand takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. See routehere. Just 5 minutes’ drive from Mo Laksegard is Høse Bridge, one of the stopping points on the Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke. It was named ‘best bridge’ in a design competition run by the American travel magazine Travel + Leisure. Ryfylke Museum is also close by and definitely worth a visit. From Sand, it’s just under an hour’s drive to your next overnight stay.

Your next stop is Energihotellet in Suldal, a family-run design hotel in the village of Nesflaten. The hotel was designed in the 1960s by the renowned architect Geir Grung and built as part of Norsk Hydro’s power plant. The architectural work consists of housing estate, power station and the building which today is Energihotellet. The strong concrete brutalism breaks with what you would expect to find in a small village in Western Norway. At Energihotellet, the architecture creates the perfect frame for a spectacular meeting with nature. In the evening you will have a food experience in harmony with the surroundings. Food and beverages are always designed to compliment the seasonal availability of local produce.

Day 3: On the road again

After a good breakfast at the hotel the next morning, the journey continues to Røldal, Odda and Lofthus. Driving time from Energihotellet to Voss is approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes. See route here.

On the way we recommend a stop at Røldal stave church. The 13th century church remains in regular use and is the district’s foremost tourist site. The Låtefoss waterfall is also a popular attraction in Hardanger. The twin cascades plunge 165 m down the mountainside close to the road through the narrow Oddadalen valley. Continuing from Låtefoss you will travel through Odda and the Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry. The austerely beautiful power station is located down by the fjord and is a monument to the hydropower adventure, which started in 1906. We warmly recommend a guided tour, and a cup of coffee! Trolltunga, the Troll’s Tongue, is also nearby and is one of Norway’s most spectacular mountain formations. 


After this you continue to Lofthus - a beautiful village located in the heart of Hardanger, better known as Norway’s biggest orchard. Hotel Ullensvang is a nice place for a lunch stop before you continue to Voss. The driving time from Lofthus to Voss is approximately 1 hour. The Hardanger Bridge is a beautiful sight on the way. The bridge is 1380 m in length, making it the longest suspension bridge in Norway and the eighth longest in the world. On the road between Granvin and Voss lies Skjervsfossen with its twin falls plunging out from a height of 150 metres. Skjervsfossen offers a carefully organised network of paths, stairs, viewpoints, rest areas, picnic areas and parking facilities.


Your last stop is at Fleischer’s Hotel in Voss, beautifully situated with views over Vangsvatnet lake. The hotel has roots back to 1864 and is now run by the fifth generation of the Fleischer family. Ready for a little action in Voss? Then Voss Active is what you need, while Voss Folk Museum offers excitement at a gentler pace. In the evening you are served a delicious evening meal in historical surroundings.


From Voss you can also drive to Bergen, where you have the option to stay an extra night. We recommend a night at Opus XVI. As relatives of Edvard Grieg, it is the hotel's desire to give its guests a different, nice experience - a classic and modern twist that gives the guest an insight into the composer's rich life. If you want to spend a day in this beautiful city surrounded by seven mountains, Bergen Base Camp offer various activities in the central area, on Fløyen and Ulriken mountains.


Enjoy your historical journey!