Dalen Hotel x Eilert Smith Hotel - Urban luxury meets rural romance

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2 nights/3 days. Combining a stay at Dalen Hotel with a stay at Eilert Smith Hotel is a unique experience of adventure and history combined with modern service and comfort. Start your journey in style and comfort at Eilert Smith Hotel before being surrounded by cultural and historical heritage at the picture-perfect setting of Dalen Hotel.

Discover more of Norway's beauty and history by taking the scenic 230km route between Eilert Smith Hotel and Dalen Hotel, presenting spectacular scenery and cultural heritage. The scenic route through the mountain region between Dalen Hotel and Eilert Smith Hotel presents charming and vibrant towns, authentic rural culture, and breath-taking mountain scenery. Make a stop at one of the recommended stops along the way and fuel up with a gourmet picnic which you are equipped with before the start of your scenic adventure.


This package includes:

  • One night stay in one of Eilert Smith’s generous rooms with complimentary minibar and breakfast from RE-NAA served in the room.
  • One night stay at Dalen Hotel, a la carte breakfast
  • 5-course dinner and afternoon tea at Dalen Hotel
  • Picnic basket for the journey between the hotels


Transport between the hotels is organised by the guest

Day 1: The adventure starts in the west

Start your journey at Eilert Smith Hotel, the small 12-room boutique hotel that makes a big impression. In between Stavanger’s old wooden houses lies the once functionalistic warehouse, which has been given new life as a modernistic boutique hotel. Named after the local architect who created the original functionalistic building, it today houses Norway’s only two-starred Michelin Restaurant, RE-NAA.


Stavanger is a gateway to culinary adventure, and on Eilert Smith’s doorstep, there is almost everything that Stavanger has to offer in terms of culture, shopping, restaurants, and city life. Spend days exploring the region by foot, the adventurous hikes, learn about Viking history, delve into the rich culture, and experience the sublime nature surrounding the city, from beaches, mountains, and fjords.


Day 2: Head east

Continue the adventure at Dalen Hotel, one of the few original Swiss-style hotels known as the fairy-tale hotel from 1894. Inspired by stave churches and the Viking Age, the hotel became known throughout Europe, and the English aristocracy travelled there. King Oscar II was a guest here, as were Emperor Wilhelm of Germany and King Leopold II of Belgium. King Haakon VII and Queen Maud also came here with the then Crown Prince Olav.


Indulge in a delicious afternoon tea and wine and dine in the hotel’s restaurant with a French-inspired menu focusing on local Norwegian ingredients, followed by a coffee in front of the fireplace while listening to beautiful piano music.