Build your own cider safari

Can't find just the combination you're looking for? Here you can build your own day in Hardanger by choosing from all our activities surrounding the fjord!

The Cider Boat - a stunning fjord cruise in Hardanger


Step aboard Aurora of The Fjords and cross the mighty Hardangerfjord - one of the world's longest fjords.


Here you can choose to take the trip as a pure fjord cruise or combine it with cider tasting and visit the local cider producers along the way.

The views along the coastal route are magnificent, and the stories from the local fruit farmers in Hardanger are sure to find a special place in your heart.


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The fruit and cider route in Ulvik


The only fruit and cider route in Norway is found in Ulvik, Hardanger. Three remarkable farms make up this unique route offering exclusive experiences from farm to farm.


The fruit and cider route is a collaboration between the three farms Hardanger Saft- og Siderfabrikk, Syse Gard and Ulvik Frukt & Cideri. All three farms are located within 1km of road, making it easier than ever to experience more. Start the walk from the city centre of Ulvik and walk through the fruit orchards on your way to the farms. All the farms are open 6 days a week with farm shops and serving of tasting planks.


Each day one farm also offers a guided tour and tasting at the farm. Click here to book

Aga Cider Tour


Enjoy a combined experience of cider tasting, local food and visit Norways oldest cluster farm.


In the optimal climate for fruit cultivation, the apple trees are carefully tended to throughout the year. The apples are gently picked and transported to the farm. Here, they undergo a wash before being shredded and pressed into juice. These noble drops are cherished, and with a bit of time, magic, and hard work, they transform into cider.


Here, you'll have the opportunity to taste 4 types of cider, two of them paired with a homemade lunch served at Aga Cidery. Learn about fruit and cider production while enjoying the beautiful surroundings at Aga. After the tasting, the tour continues to Agatunet for a guided tour. Agatunet is a unique cultural heritage, an authentic and preserved cluster farm situated beautifully between the fjord, mountains, and fruit trees. The houses here are rich with history and stories.


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Store Naa Siderkompani


Store Naa offers a varied portfolio of side products from classic Sides from Hardanger (57.2 traditional), sides with added berries (57.2 Brudeferd) and the category winner of the Open class during the Sides WC 2022, 57.2. Kårkall, which is brewed with the old traditional type of yeast, Kveik.


Experience the combination of a cider tasting of 3 ciders, a walk in a cultural landscape and an introduction to local history, fruit types and apple varieties. In the fruit season, you can taste fruit that comes directly from the tree.


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Alde Sider


Alde is an old name for apple in Hardanger, and Olav Bleie started the company Alde sider, and runs the family farm where apples have been produced since the fruit production started in Hardanger.


When the days grow short and the yellow hue appears on the hillside, the apples are ready for harvesting. At Bleie farm, they produce apple varieties perfect for cider-making. The apples are carefully picked when they are ripe enough, pressed into apple juice, before its filled into steel tanks along with a touch of sugar and yeast. Once fermentation begins, the temperature is reduced, and Olav eagerly waits for a few months to allow the cider to develop slowly but surely, while retaining its fresh apple aroma. When the cider tanks have finished fermenting, friends with good taste gather and taste-test their way to a blend that is balanced between acidity and sweetness, fruitiness and fresh tang. A bit of carbonation is added to give the product a sparkling quality, and then it's bottled and barrelled.


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Opedal cider tour - Cider tasting in the cradle of fruit cultivation


It all started with the Cistercian monks who brought the fruit to Hardanger. Today, Opedal is the most intense and central fruit area in Norway - with a unique story. The farms here are well run and produce plums, morels, pears and apples. What makes cider from Hardanger unique, is the fact that it's made from hand peeled apples of high quality, grown in the best possible conditions to develop a distinct taste. These apples are found here in Opedal. It is our pride to welcome you to a true farm experience here at our much loved farms.


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