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Rallarvegen - "The Navvy Road"

Rallarvegen is a spectacular cycling tour and nature adventure - and the absolutely most popular bike route of the Norwegian mountains. The route from Finse to Flåm is a 57 km-long cycling tour where you cycle along glaciers, mountain lakes and creeks in a characteristic Norwegian mountain scenery. The road takes you through a magnificent high mountain area from 1000 metres above sea level to 1340 metres, down to sea level in Flåm. 


Pack your bags, rent a bike or bring your own - and experience Norway on two wheels!

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Travel map from Finse to Flåm

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Frequently asked questions



How should I dress?

Good shoes, wind- and waterproof pants, thermal underwear, wool socks, and a fleece sweater. Hat, mittens/cycling gloves, and a buff/scarf. Remember that the climate in the high mountains can be harsh, and the weather changes quickly. Therefore, bring warm clothes even if the weather initially seems fine! 

What should I bring?

Pack a small backpack with sunglasses, sunscreen, blister plasters, food and drinks for the trip, and an extra change of clothes for arrival. Remember plenty of water! (Also, consider bringing some cash, as the cafe at Fagernut does not accept cards.)

What is included when I book Rallarvegen with De Historiske?

Accommodation at Finse and in Flåm, dinner every evening, breakfast every morning, bike rental, and luggage transport (1 piece per person).

How do I get to Finse?

To get to Finse, you can only go by train, bike, or on foot. Note that the train ticket to Finse is not included in the package, and you must arrange tickets yourself. Tickets can be found at

Why do you recommend staying 2 nights at Finse?

Cycling Rallarvegen is one of the most beautiful cycling experiences you can imagine, but it can also be physically demanding. Taking an extra day at Finse is the perfect way to recharge for the bike ride. Whether you want to spend the day taking a leisurely hike in the high mountains, paddling a kayak on Finsevann, or just enjoying the recently renovated Hotel Finse 1222, Finse is the perfect setting to completely unwind before cycling the just under 55 kilometers to Flåm.

An extra night also gives you the opportunity to experience the magical evening atmosphere at Finse on the first night and go to bed early after a good dinner on the second night.