Cider journey from Lofthus with lunch

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Experience the taste of Hardanger with cider, lunch and majestic nature!

“Sider frå Hardanger” (Hardanger cider) is a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) in the same way as Calvados and Champagne. This unique cider has enjoyed a renaissance and become an award-winning premium product. There are 19 cider producers in Hardanger, each making their own unique cider, based on their story and their apples.


This package includes:

  • Fjord cruise from Lofthus to Nå (round-trip)
  • 1 cider experience
  • 2-course lunch at Siderhuset Ola K

Join a cider safari and visit some of the cider producers for an introduction to the production, culture and taste of cider.


The experience starts from the quay in Lofthus where you board the cider boat with departure at 11:15.


Glide past majestic mountainsides, charming fjord villages and at least a hundred thousand fruit trees in Sørfjorden – Norway’s largest fruit orchard, while you feel the wind in your hair. Inside, the café serves hot and cold drinks, as well as a selection of pastries and sandwiches (not included).


Upon disembarking at Nå you will be enjoying two different cider experiences of your choice, each easy to find from the quay. Some farmers will pick you up at the quay, while others are right next to it.



The Cider Experiences you can experience are:


Alde Sider

Alde is an old name for apple in Hardanger, and the man behind Aldi Sider is Olav Bleie. He runs the family farm where they have grown apples for generations. Alde Sider makes first class apple juice together with a wide selection of cider from Hardanger. You will be served classic, award-winning ciders combined with stories and a taste of Norwegian cheeses.

Store Naa Siderkompani

The farm at Store Naa has been owned by the same family since 1724. Previously an abondoned chicken house, it has now been taken in use to develop and test new, exciting cider flavors. The cider tasting takes place in an open landscape or in the old, authentic cider cellar.


After an exciting cider experience you will be guided back to the quay where a delicious 2-course lunch is waiting for you at Siderhuset Ola K. The house's history begins all the way back in 1912, when it was built as a practical general store where the locals could shop for their goods, send and collect mail. The house also functioned as a gathering place. 100 years later, the house is again a natural gathering place, where Siderhuset now offer food of the highest quality with changing menus and inspiration taked from Norway's fruit garden, Hardanger.

Enjoy a rich selection of wine and cider. The restaurant have a cider for every palate, everything from dry to sweet sparkling via mixed ciders and into the more intense ice ciders, all characterized by an acidic freshness.


The boat departs from Nå at 15:05.